Pitroid redesign

One more job we won on a pitch! These kind of jobs we love the most! :)

The creative idea was to depict Pitroid as a hero who is saving us from all sort of unwanted insects, so the main graphic element on the packaging is the shield with the logotype Pitroid. This way we have pointed out the main function of the product which is to protect us from the insects, but also to kill the insects as that same shield kills the insect with its blade. Regarding the big number of products in the product line, the distinction was made by assigning different colours to each product.

Dukat Cremoso culinary cream yogurt

We had the opportunity to work on a completely new product for the Croatian market – culinary cream yogurt. Given that the product is brand new on the Croatian market, we wanted to take advantage of packaging and actually show purpose and many applications of this yogurt. For this reason we have different types of dishes on packaging so that customer gets the idea what are the possibilities for using this product.

Kraš tea biscuits product line redesign

Redesign of Kraš tea biscuits product line was a really interesting cooperation between client and our studio. Based on an idea by the client, we designed 12 packaging from the whole product line, and redesigned Kraš brand ribbon and logotypes of the biscuits. We put in the first plan on all packaging photography of the products, so it was very important that’s photos are excellent and inviting to nibble.

Rosal Face Care

Every product from time to time needs a little “face lift”. How do you like the redesign that we made for Rosal Face Care.

Dr. Oetker aroma sugars

We have been working with Dr. Oetker on a completely new product for the Croatian market, a combination of the finest sugar and selected natural aroma. Aroma sugars can be easily added to the desired cake and so emphasize your favorite flavor in your favorite cake.

The idea was to emphasize the flavor of a particular sugar, through photography of cakes that can be easily associated with the aroma and through photography of the flavor itself. Aroma sugars are different in color of each packaging, but share a hand written typography and background, which is the standard of the most Dr. Oetker packaging.

DUKATELA redesign

One more job we won on the pitch. This famous Croatian brand, which is on the market since 2002. needed some freshness. Basic colors that marked particular flavors are retained for recognition so we redesigned the logo and 150 g and 70 g products.

Since Dukatela is made for the breakfast of your dreams, with this redesign we wanted to achieve lightweight and airy design that evokes the freshness of the morning, good mood and encouragement to have tasty and delicious breakfast.

KRAŠ VIC salted sticks redesign

This most popular product from the VIC range is also redesigned. New, playful packaging looks like it is smiling and winking to us and at the same time inviting to enjoy the crispy salty sticks. Design of the packaging followed the main idea, which is applied to the entire range.

KRAŠ VIC redesign

Here’s a little job that we get through the competition so we are very proud of it! A brand that is on the market for decades, it was not easy to redesign. Beside redesign, the task was also to design packaging for brand new products.

Competition in the field of snacks is enormous and ruthless and to attract attention on the shelf is not easy. When designing, we wanted to create a striking logo, use colors that are not common and primarily use the brilliant color of silver foil in which the product is packaged and thus attract the attention of consumers.

Within the range we have sub brand Mali, which is intended for the kids, but of course, not only for them. On sub brand, logo VIC got eyes, with photos of the product and the taste inscription makes one happy, smiley face.

Try the new and the old VIC products because while working on this project, we are again convinced how great they are!

UHPA logo – pitch

We have been called on a pitch to design new logo and visual identity of Associationof Croatian Travel Agencies. We presented two designs, and one of them got into final selection of 3 designs. Better luck next time, eh!

Rekord Team – Holiday ads

We made ads for Rekord Team promoting cleaning after holiday meals during Easter.