How can colors add value to your product?

By transforming the color code of the standard product we have created a new product that is more interesting, modern and fits every kitchen. Watch our video on the link below and get to know Trendy sponges, Kitchen’s new fashion accessory! https://vimeo.com/219857515

DUKATELA redesign

One more job we won on the pitch. This famous Croatian brand, which is on the market since 2002. needed some freshness. Basic colors that marked particular flavors are retained for recognition so we redesigned the logo and 150 g and 70 g products.

Since Dukatela is made for the breakfast of your dreams, with this redesign we wanted to achieve lightweight and airy design that evokes the freshness of the morning, good mood and encouragement to have tasty and delicious breakfast.

UHPA logo – pitch

We have been called on a pitch to design new logo and visual identity of Association jameshallison casino of Croatian Travel Agencies. We presented two designs, and one of them got into final selection of 3 designs. Better luck next time, eh!

Rekord Team – Holiday ads

We made ads for Rekord Team promoting cleaning after holiday meals during Easter.



Jadran hosiery – visuals

Campaign visuals for Jadran hosiery always present a special challenge for us. Inspiration for the visuals we get from the collection for each season, making sure that hosiery is always in foreground. Here are some examples of the visuals we did for Jadran hosiery.

Vidi web top 100

05. 10. 2011.

We have reported our website to VIDI Web Top 100 contest, a competition for the best 100 websites in Croatia. Although the jury decides who is the best, there is an additional category: Collect the most likes / supporters for nominated site and win a prize top 10 websites with the most friends!

Jadran hosiery – spring collections image visuals

Visuals show the spring collection of Jadran hosiery from casino francais en ligne interesting lower perspective. Due to the fact that Jadran hosiery occurs throughout the capitals of the world, the same is with our models. They appear in interesting city colors that you just have to visit.

Oktal Pharma – packaging for Klorane shampoos

Klorane shampoos are sold primarily in pharmacies among plenty of other products. In order to achieve greater visibility and to highlight the product packaging, we upgraded visuals based on the individual ingredients of shampoos. Philosophy of Klorane laboratories are based on their passion for nature and plants life research. Therefore we have used plants visuals and applied them on packaging to achive better recognition and attractivness of the product