Oktal Pharma – packaging for Klorane shampoos

Klorane shampoos are sold primarily in pharmacies among plenty of other products. In order to achieve greater visibility and to highlight the product packaging, we upgraded visuals based on the individual ingredients of shampoos. Philosophy of Klorane laboratories are based on their passion for nature and plants life research. Therefore we have used plants visuals and applied them on packaging to achive better recognition and attractivness of the product

Jadran hosiery – logo

Jadran logo as fashion label is designed in black and white contrast with simple lines and forms. Since appearing on the visuals full of colors, this logo is ideal for use on all types of materials – from packaging to print campaigns.

New website finally launched

After a good deal of time selecting, collecting and photographing the materials, web is finally finished.
Blood and tears were shed in the process, so we hope you like it.

And if you like a lot, please let us know!

Croatian Natural History Museum – Exhibition Flyers of the Big Sky

On the 100th anniversary of bird ringing, exhibition Flyers of the Big Sky was organized in Croatian Natural History Museum. For this exhibition we have designed several promotional materials: calendar, leaflet, invitation, greeting card, bookmark, wall banner, bag, etc.

Visuals on the materials are based on the main heroes of this exhibition – birds. Infinite diversity of the birds and their beauty, have suggested the color selection for the materials, which are united with nature.