Jadran hosiery – logo

Jadran logo as fashion label is designed in black and white contrast with simple lines and forms. Since appearing on the visuals full of colors, this logo is ideal for use on all types of materials – from packaging to print campaigns.

Razvoj Golf – brochure

Development project Golf Park Dubrovnik took place at high level of publicity.

Our role was to design a brochure intended to potential investors and future Golf Park clients, which required the brochure to be special by any measure.

When designing the brochure we decided that the differentiation of this brochure in relation to others may be in selecting fine paper. To achive this we used Curious Iridescent Cryogen paper, on which beautiful colors of Dubrovnik landscapes and surroundings come particularly to expression and the pearlescent tone of the paper provides additional depth to the images and gives elegance and luxury to the brochure.

Rotoplast 40 years

For the 40th anniversary of Rotoplast we have designed a special logo and corporate materials such as notebook, writing pad, planner, sleeve for the sparkling wine bottle …

Black and gold as a basic color palette, materials such as fabric, Skin Keaykolour paper, the combination of offset printing techniques, screen printing, stretch film, rounded edges, have created materials that gives sense of luxury and professionalism – the idea we wanted to convey celebrating the 40th anniversary of the company.

Croatian Telecom – BTL materials

For several years now we have been working on all BTL materials for T-Mobile and T-Com. From brochures, leaflets, wobblers and direct mailing to designing seasonal decorations for T-Centers.

Big amount of the promotional materials we do for Croatian Telecom brings great dynamic into our everyday working routine and demands quick response in which we are experts. Despite strict corporate standards we always manage to design materials that attract new customers. We achieve all that by using creative press cutters, recognizable design, interesting copies and all this in short deadlines. See it for yourself.

Croatian Post– Your Post for good deeds

For the humanitarian action organized by Croatian Post, in which the associations throughout Croatia have received envelopes with paid postage, we have designed posters, envelopes, print ads, gift box, calendar, planner, etc.

The guiding idea was inspired by good deeds of ) Tackle routine chores Sun best-horoscope.com morning. this humanitarian action therefore we have motifs like halo and angel wings applied on postal services. Good news simply fly to you.

ICF Invest – promotional materials

Since this is a serious financial institution, security, strength and confidence are adjectives we wanted to show through ICF materials. In order to soften such a strong attributes, we have added additional touch of elegance and lightness through the design of appropriate gifts. Every businessperson has to have an apron and occasional coasters for their guests.

Rekord tim – first and largest Croatian producer of household sponges

Ecology and the quality of carefully selected product materials were the inspiration for the new concept on the occasion of 35th Rekord tim anniversary. Soft forms of cloths and sponges, all products of Rekord tim, are arranged in different landscapes and suggest a symbiosis with nature.

AZVO – Annual reports

Izrada godišnjih izvješća za Agenciju za znanost i visoko obrazovanje uvijek je poseban užitak, ali i izazov.

Svake godine kao obvezni elementi su zadani drvo znanja i jabuka. Godišnja izvješća oblikovana su kao nadogradnja drva znanja i simbola znanja – jabuke. Dizajn se mijenja kroz naglašavanje formata, oblika te zadane tehnike tiska.

Čist izričaj, jednostavna upotreba boja u kombinaciji s tipografijom čine izvješća dijelom korporativne misije.