KRAŠ VIC crackers redesign

In addition to existing packaging, we designed an additional, new packaging for whole-grain crackers. In order to have a uniform line and considering the fact that most of the products are packed in silver foil, we have simulated the color of the foil on the cardboard packaging on which products have become highly visible and delicious.

MAR MAR visual identitiy

Considering the fact that the name repeats itself, we wanted to use this iteration in a sign as well. Combining the two letters “m”, we got a recognizable graphic element that we applied to all further materials, it creates and builds brand recognition.

We applied sign on all stationery as well as on a series of corporate notebooks.

UHPA logo – pitch

We have been called on a pitch to design new logo and visual identity of Associationof Croatian Travel Agencies. We presented two designs, and one of them got into final selection of 3 designs. Better luck next time, eh!

Kraš Sweet Fairytale

The sweetest job this year brought us a creation of visual for Kraš Sweet Fairytale poster. The poster is an invitation for the children to participate in a program organized for them in Kraš factory. Who wouldn’t love to go into the chocolate castle, where chocolate flows in streams and sweets are in abundance.


For the cult theatre show by Dušan Kovačević, which had premiered at numerous theaters around the world and finally in Zagreb, we have designed image visual, brochure, posters. Since we did not want to bear a grudge on Professional, his identity, as you may see from the visuals, remains anonymous. Enjoy the show!

Jadran hosiery – logo

Jadran logo as fashion label is designed in black and white contrast with simple lines and forms. Since appearing on the visuals full of colors, this logo is ideal for use on all types of materials – from packaging to print campaigns.

Salveo – visual identity

Salveo is a pharmaceutical company whose name suggests health and feeling good, so the identity conveys ease, naturalness and health – just the way we should be. With an elegant combination of grey and turquoise this logo is full with optimism.

Gradip – visual identity

Gradip is a brick factory. The sign with its form suggests the shape of a brick in a strong perspective, and also functions as a building. The orange color, textured paper, an interesting form of business cards make this identity interesting and different from the competition.

Boje komunikacije – visual identity

Bar code is a meaningful line of dark and bright spaces with strict rules which scanner converts into number that is the key information about the product.

Thus Boje komunikacije presented itself as the key communicator when it comes to PR. In the noise of information, cheerful colors optimistically channel the communication, as it should be.

Hpekspres – Window

On the occasion of the “B1 plakati” contest we have created a poster “Window” for the client hpekspress. The idea was to make the most of the special characteristic of the medium, so we made a poster with a curtain that reveals the basic idea.

The idea was to show the speed of the delivery service in 24 hours through the day/night shift change. “Be sure that the first thing you will see in the morning when you wake up is your expected delivery”.

Very interesting collaboration with “B1 plakati” that allowed us to put the curtains on their posters.