Kraš Sweet Fairytale

The sweetest job this year brought us a creation of visual for Kraš Sweet Fairytale poster. The poster is an invitation for the children to participate in a program organized for them in Kraš factory. Who wouldn’t love to go into the chocolate castle, where chocolate flows in streams and sweets are in abundance.


For the cult theatre show by Dušan Kovačević, which had premiered at numerous theaters around the world and finally in Zagreb, we have designed image visual, brochure, posters. Since we did not want to bear a grudge on Professional, his identity, as you may see from the visuals, remains anonymous. Enjoy the show!

Razvoj Golf – brochure

Development project Golf Park Dubrovnik took place at high level of publicity.

Our role was to design a brochure intended to potential investors and future Golf Park clients, which required the brochure to be special by any measure.

When designing the brochure we decided that the differentiation of this brochure in relation to others may be in selecting fine paper. To achive this we used Curious Iridescent Cryogen paper, on which beautiful colors of Dubrovnik landscapes and surroundings come particularly to expression and the pearlescent tone of the paper provides additional depth to the images and gives elegance and luxury to the brochure.

Jadran hosiery – Brochure

Croatian production with its quality and technology stands side by side to any other country in the world and in order to confirm this, we have designed a brochure at a high fashion level. Sense for beauty by stylist Viktor Drago and selection of top model, paper selection, printing techniques and supporting details make this brochure, Jadran hosiery and Croatia worth presenting on fairs around the world.

Jadran hosiery – calendar

How to design a calendar that is a keeper? Not an easy task, but possible.

Jadran calendar is made out of the paper in the form of casinos online picture frame with a possibility to change the visuals. After the 12 months have passed, the frame can be used for private purposes. Fashionable touch is suggested not only by the shape, but also by the velvet paper.

This calendar is simply must have on the table!

Pounje – Catalogue Plavi cvijet

Plavi cvijet is the new collection with products made out of finest cotton and silk so it was supposed to be presented through catalog of the same quality.

Photo shooting was organized in cooperation with stylist Viktor Drago and photograph Goran Matijasec and has given fantastic photographs that were later included in the catalogue.

Besides the specific opening of the catalogue, it was interesting to work with combination of brown and turquoise color that is not an everyday combination. At the end, we are sure that when you see this catalogue you will immediately desire to have Pounje underwear.

Croatian Telecom – BTL materials

For several years now we have been working on all BTL materials for T-Mobile and T-Com. From brochures, leaflets, wobblers and direct mailing to designing seasonal decorations for T-Centers.

Big amount of the promotional materials we do for Croatian Telecom brings great dynamic into our everyday working routine and demands quick response in which we are experts. Despite strict corporate standards we always manage to design materials that attract new customers. We achieve all that by using creative press cutters, recognizable design, interesting copies and all this in short deadlines. See it for yourself.