KRAŠ VIC crackers redesign

In addition to existing packaging, we designed an additional, new packaging for whole-grain crackers. In order to have a uniform line and considering the fact that most of the products are packed in silver foil, we have simulated the color of the foil on the cardboard packaging on which products have become highly visible and delicious.

Dr. Oetker packaging for spices for traditional cakes

When we started to work on this project the instruction from the client was to save the traditional Croatian recipes and to bring back the sweet smell of grandma’s kitchen into our everyday life.

Packaging is based on the photo of delicious cake that you first notice and wood and napkin in the background to create homey, warm atmosphere and to remind you of something nice from grandma’s kitchen. On the back of the packaging you can find a recipe for each cake and in the package a perfect combination of spices to help you in making the best cake.

Making cakes suddenly became easy! :)

Kraš Sweet Fairytale

The sweetest job this year brought us a creation of visual for Kraš Sweet Fairytale poster. The poster is an invitation for the children to participate in a program organized for them in Kraš factory. Who wouldn’t love to go into the chocolate castle, where chocolate flows in streams and sweets are in abundance.


For the cult theatre show by Dušan Kovačević, which had premiered at numerous theaters around the world and finally in Zagreb, we have designed image visual, brochure, posters. Since we did not want to bear a grudge on Professional, his identity, as you may see from the visuals, remains anonymous. Enjoy the show!

Oktal Pharma – packaging for Klorane shampoos

Klorane shampoos are sold primarily in pharmacies among plenty of other products. In order to achieve greater visibility and to highlight the product packaging, we upgraded visuals based on the individual ingredients of shampoos. Philosophy of Klorane laboratories are based on their passion for nature and plants life research. Therefore we have used plants visuals and applied them on packaging to achive better recognition and attractivness of the product

Architectural office – visual identity

The thought of architect associates on ground plan. When this ground plan is in the golden cut, then we get Devant le succ s du casino , de nombreux autres sont cr s. an interesting visual identity. The logo is in addition to paper materials fully implemented in interior design.

Manjgura – visual identity

Manjgura – in dialect from Dubrovnik region means young, little, cheeky girl – was devilish idea for designing visual identity of PR agency Manjgura.

Manjgura logo was depicted through different characters – she smiles, puts her tongue out, shouts, looks surprised, angry … just like black and red small devil.

Rotoplast 40 years

For the 40th anniversary of Rotoplast we have designed a special logo and corporate materials such as notebook, writing pad, planner, sleeve for the sparkling wine bottle …

Black and gold as a basic color palette, materials such as fabric, Skin Keaykolour paper, the combination of offset printing techniques, screen printing, stretch film, rounded edges, have created materials that gives sense of luxury and professionalism – the idea we wanted to convey celebrating the 40th anniversary of the company.

Rosal – Hand cream

Redesign of the Rosal – hand cream product line was a special treat for us.

Cream products are used by a wide circle of consumers, so the design was supposed to meet the general consumer tastes. Simple and clean design with intense colors were a big hit. This confirms the fact that the sale of these products, with design changes, climbed from 14th to 4th place, and with print campaigns, sales jumped further on the 2nd place. Great success for the client, but also for us!

Rosal Lipbalm

One more Rosal product line that we redesigned is Rosal Lipbalm. This product is intended for younger generation therefore is full of different colors, attractive optimism and cheerful visuals that suggest certain flavor, which lures to be bought.

In this segment the competition is very strong, but the sales results were extremely good.