Kraš Sweet Fairytale

The sweetest job this year brought us a creation of visual for Kraš Sweet Fairytale poster. The poster is an invitation for the children to participate in a program organized for them in Kraš factory. Who wouldn’t love to go into the chocolate castle, where chocolate flows in streams and sweets are in abundance.


For the cult theatre show by Dušan Kovačević, which had premiered at numerous theaters around the world and finally in Zagreb, we have designed image visual, brochure, posters. Since we did not want to bear a grudge on Professional, his identity, as you may see from the visuals, remains anonymous. Enjoy the show!

Architectural office – visual identity

The thought of architect associates on ground plan. When this ground plan is in the golden cut, then we get Devant le succ s du casino , de nombreux autres sont cr s. an interesting visual identity. The logo is in addition to paper materials fully implemented in interior design.

Virtego – visual identity

The sign is formed from initial letters, but also can be interpreted as a “victory”, takeoff, reaching heights … What was even more interesting was the presentation of logo as the optical illusion in terms of bumps / holes. Treating the characters in this manner provides a strong correspondence with the paper – sign is totally part of the paper – not only “glued” to the paper

Ideo – visual identity

Depicting the upside down the letter “i” we got the !

An exclamation mark is used only when we have special reason to highlight its importance. And here we certainly have a reason! Ideo dizajn – all roads lead to us!

Manjgura – visual identity

Manjgura – in dialect from Dubrovnik region means young, little, cheeky girl – was devilish idea for designing visual identity of PR agency Manjgura.

Manjgura logo was depicted through different characters – she smiles, puts her tongue out, shouts, looks surprised, angry … just like black and red small devil.

Salveo – visual identity

Salveo is a pharmaceutical company whose name suggests health and feeling good, so the identity conveys ease, naturalness and health – just the way we should be. With an elegant combination of grey and turquoise this logo is full with optimism.

Jadran hosiery – calendar

How to design a calendar that is a keeper? Not an easy task, but possible.

Jadran calendar is made out of the paper in the form of casinos online picture frame with a possibility to change the visuals. After the 12 months have passed, the frame can be used for private purposes. Fashionable touch is suggested not only by the shape, but also by the velvet paper.

This calendar is simply must have on the table!