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Dukatela – for your dream breakfast!

Dukatela spreads are among the finest dairy spreads and are known for their perfect taste and creamy texture. They have been an integral part of breakfast for decades among all generations. They are made from the highest quality fresh cream and their taste satisfies even the most demanding of palates.
The packaging needed to be redesigned and refreshed. The goal of the brand was to convey the message – a dream breakfast. We came to the conclusion that the Dukatela brand needed a new emotion. After much sketching and research, the emphasis of the new packaging identity was placed on a striking and dominant logo, which has since become a recognisable and emotional symbol of Dukatela.
In order not to lose existing consumers, the colour code for flavours (blue, light blue and green) was completely retained, and a new colour code (purple) was added for the new refreshing yoghurt-flavoured spread. The art direction uses fresh and delicious displays of bread as well as illumination to give the packaging an airy feel.
Consumers have recognised Dukatela’s quality, and it is one of the leading brands in its category.

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