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I love Kefir – modern tradition

Kefir, with its sparkling texture, is one of the healthiest and refreshing yoghurt drinks around. It is popular among the older population, who is aware of its importance in maintaining health. Kefir is known to boost vitality; some even call it the “elixir of life”. Dukat kefir is a top quality beverage. It is prepared in a specific traditional way using kefir grains.
Dukat created a new original kefir formula with a mild and refreshing taste, targeted at young people. The younger generations are not so familiar with the benefits of kefir and are wary of its pungent flavour.
The task was to bring kefir and healthy eating habits closer to the younger population by synergising a new lightweight product recipe with a fresh youthful design. The goal was also to keep existing consumers used to traditional kefir recipes, but in such a way that the traditional and new youth products were combined in one.
The product name became I love kefir instead of Kefir, which, in a gentle and emotional way, carries the message to all generations. This was emphasised using a clean background, typography and a symbol of the heart.
To distinguish the brand from the competition, a fresh colour code, including soft yellow, pink, green, and blue, was designed to correspond to different flavours and the design itself works very well on the shelf within the category.
Everything combined, the status of a strong Dukat brand was upheld, and most importantly, good packaging communication to customers was achieved.

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