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Space2C is an extremely interesting project that we created for our dear client, Salveo. Salveo is a pharmaceutical company that operates to the highest quality standards and at the highest level of expertise. In its approach to business, Salveo is future oriented and innovative in its visions. The Space2C brand provides added value to its partners and customers for business growth and a better future through the well-designed program and services it offers.
When we were creating Space2C branding, the idea was to take a modern approach, that is, an approach that in its simplicity presents the richness of creativity and content; an approach which brings new insights and leads to creating progress together every time it is taken.
We created a modern, futuristic brand that emphasizes infinite space, perfect for providing opportunities for continuous growth, expanding horizons, and making continuous connections for a more successful business and a better future. The branding is set through the contrast of whiteness and harmonious shades of colour and through the elegance of typography. Space2C presents its visionary services through a specially created and packaged brochure. Its box, dieline, and French style binding tell a layered story about space, perspectives, and the connectedness of the whole system from inception to the future.

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