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How important is colour?

We receive information from the environment through our senses. According to the way our natural senses work, colour is the most influential, then shapes, symbols, sounds … Brands are very well recognised by their colour. Of course, this is not the most important element of a brand; the key is how your customers feel and what they think about the brand and what experience they have in using the brand. Colour certainly contributes to the experience as does differentiating your brand from your competition. By choosing colour combinations for the brand, we lay one of the first foundations of product identity.
Our mission was to create a new brand that would stand out on the shelves, be appealing to customers, and look aesthetically pleasing in today’s modern kitchen interiors. Numerous studies show that when choosing a product, colours influence us greatly, although we are not aware of this.
If we look at any sponge for dish washing that can be found in stores, the colour combinations are always either yellow-green or yellow-black. By transforming the original colour code, we created a new product. The sponge that used to be yellow became black, and the abrasive part that was black became intensely purple, pink, green, and orange.

We achieved incredible results:
– immediate entry among the top 10 best-selling Rekord products
– 41% of retailers immediately added Trendy sponges to their sales portfolio
– the new design and appearance completely set the product apart from the competition
– impurities that can be seen on used yellow sponges, are not visible on Trendy sponges
– this modern sponge fits perfectly into any interior
– and finally a completely innovative brand!
Colours influence the purchase decision with surprising effect.

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