Kraš Vic redesign

The redesign of a brand which has been on the market for many years and whose products have always been present in our lives, while having fun or celebrating special moments, is not an easy-peasy task. The competition in the snack food market is ruthless and getting attention on the shelf is not easy. While designing, we wanted to create a striking logo, use colours that are out of the ordinary and put the product in the forefront – to make our mouths water – and to leave the impression that the fun never ends with the new Vic products.
When choosing colours, we primarily wanted to use the striking colour of the silver foil in which the products are packaged, thus attracting the attention of consumers. For products that are not packaged in foil but in cardboard or transparent plastic bags, we simulated the colour of the foil in print in order to have a uniform line.
A playful photo of products “popping out” of the packaging gives us a sense of uninterrupted fun and an eruption of pleasure.

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