Plidenta White Dent

The Plidenta Whitedent product line was created in response to the latest trends and high customer demand for whitening toothpastes, especially among the younger population.
The assignment was to design the packaging of the product line and the creative communication concept tailored to the target group.
The Whitedent line consists of 3 types of toothpastes: Instant, Repair and Total White. The names of the toothpastes clearly imply their main functions: quick whitening, restoration and protection, and overall protection throughout the day.
The colour inspiration for the packaging came from the colour of the products themselves. So the blue coloured toothpaste was packaged in blue, the red in red and yellow in yellow.
Symbols and emoticons were added to the packaging to connect it with the distinctive “toothpaste handwriting” concept used across the Plidenta product range and to connect it to the main theme: #foraperfectsmile. Round typography seemed to be a logical choice for the text.
In addition to the packaging, the creative concept was applied to various promotional materials and posts on social networks.

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